Something I see everyday

The talk of the town over the past couple of weeks has been all about “the cicada.” Here in Tennessee, we have been invaded by these strange little creatures, which only come out every 13 years. It sounds like some kind of old folklore story where a strange mythical insect comes back in order to drive you nuts by the loud noise they make. Around my house they have been in full effect, humming and buzzing around the trees from the second the sun comes up until it goes down. But all in all, I do not mind them all that much.

They don’t bite or sting you in any way, and as long as you don’t have to watch them “birthing” themselves from their exoskeletons (seriously GROSS!!!), I am actually starting to grow fond of them. If anything they have at least taught me about a little more about the insect kingdom. Did you know that they live 30 cm below ground living of the juice of tree roots? Or how about that the females have blue eyes, and never make any sound! I am sure there is some kind of lame joke to insert here, but that is not the direction I want to take this little blog of mine. Finally, the linguist in me has to add that the word cicada comes from a Latin root that means “the tree cricket.” Makes sense!

But now they are on their way out. Some reports have them heading back underground in another two weeks, leaving us here in Nashville with just silence and a hot glaring sun. I, for one, would like a little insect chanting to make the experience of being outdoors just a bit more delightful.


Today was one of my least favorite kinds of days at school. No, it was not pointless meetings, mystery meat in the cafeteria, or any of the other random events that kind of spoil an overall “good times” day there, rather it was that I handed out a detention to a student. You see, I come from a long line of class pranksters. Detention was something that my brother and I were constantly warned about at school. We also served our fair share of early morning, afternoon, and Saturday school detentions in our years at Hoover High School.

Now I have come to see the other side of the coin, and I am the one handing out these infractions for pretty much the same type of shenanigans I was pulling years ago. You would think that I could be a bit more lenient, and truthfully I wish I could, but I am not sure if the powers that be would be happy with letting a few big things ( like destruction of school property) slip on by like nothing happened.

I know that the sound of glass breaking is awesome!

I know the pleasure of flicking grapes at your friends and more importantly those you hate!

And I know that nothing is more satisfying that carving your own name into a desk! (it is a statement saying I AM HERE, remember me!!!)

Anyway, the world of detention and punishment has now changed to something entirely different. We have to email the parents, turn in forms, and talk to the students in a counciling manner. Whatever happened to just making the kids sand down the desk like I did when I got caught doing the same thing?

Well, that is all the complaining I can do for one night. These essays aren’t going to grade themselves you know!

Track Season…

First and for most, let me assure you that I am still here. I just have been crazy busy with the worlds of school, track practice & meets, board meetings, and a variety of other events that seem to take up a majority of my time. And although I have promised big things on here before, this time I mean it. Once we reach mid May, I will be back into the swing of a regular schedule, which should allow me the opportunity to return back to this little forum of mine.

I have read a few books, seen some really good films, attended a concert here and there, and had a couple of other crazy adventures. I hope to be back on here soon to tell you about all of them. I have at least written down the ideas and topics of these future blog posts, so all will not be lost.
Until then, I hope everyone out there is well, had a nice Easter and staying safe from the storms that seem to keep coming through here. Until then, here is a pic of me and Drew last Friday after we crusied around Nashville on some electric scooters! Peeps it!!!!

I am a big fan of Nashville, but maybe even more so now. You see, I have enjoyed living in a city where you have a chance of bumping into someone famous, but when you do you act as if everything is totally normal. When I lived in Canton, Ohio, the biggest celebrity you might see was former U.S. Olympiad in the throwing hammer, Jud Logan. Florence, Alabama had its fair share of celebrities too, but Percy Sledge (who sang “When a Man Loves a Woman) really was not all that big of a deal for me.

Anyway, once I settled in Nashville, I began to see a celebrity here or there. Drew and I sat in front of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw once at a Coldplay concert, I have run by Nicole Kidman tons of times at Percy Warner, and Drew used to run with James Marsden (of X-men fame) pretty frequently. Barring the time I saw Emmylou Harris at a Starbucks and I professed my undying love for her, especially her work on Bob Dylan’s album Desire, I think I have come off pretty good as far as “playing it cool” goes.

Last night however, I did not want to play it cool. You see, in the middle of some random story that I was telling to a group of my fellow runners and friends, I noticed an older man sitting about 15 feet away, also enjoying the beautiful Tennessee spring evening. I gave a quick double take, making sure that my eyes did not deceive me, and then I whispered to my group, “don’t look now, but Robert Plant is sitting at the table next to us.” So we all sort of took are turns, looking over at his table as if someone had dropped an entire tray of food right by him. For the rest of the night we basically discussed all things Led Zeppelin related, and what were all the various ways we could go up and have a chat with him. One suggestion was to go up and sing the opening scream part of Immigrant Song (off the bands 3rd album,) but alas all we seemed to be able to do was silently gawk at him.

Never did I think while listening to Zeppelin through all my years of high school that I would be sitting just a couple of feet from him. Hopefully he did not get too freaked out about all the eyes on him last night (although he is probably used to it by now.) Thank you, Mr. Plant, for turning our normal Wednesday night out into something legendary!!!


*also, this is my first post in a month. Hopefully I will get back to updating it more often than that.

An update from Vegas

So I know that I have not updated this blog for a little while, but like so many other bloggers that I know when they take a break, my intentions were always there to update you (my readers) on what is going on in my life…

Right now I am sitting in Las Vegas with my brother and a good friend. We are still discussing the event that brought us here, which you can watch here:

Not a bad way to open my first Vegas experience…

Are you familiar with Field Day? It is a day in Elementary School when you forgo classes and spend the day competing amongst your classmates in a variety of track and field events. Think of it as a modern day Olympics for the 6th grade. Here I am, in the discus event, about to release that weighted Frisbee with all my might! Obviously that woman in the background is tempting fate, not fearing my abilities to hurl the discus the 45 feet in her general direction. Alas, if I remember correctly, I think I threw it only about 15 feet, but that was still enough to earn a bronze medal. The only other thing I would like to point out is my attire. From the cap resting on top of my head to my rolled down white socks, I am not really sure what look I was going for…except maybe champion!

Final thoughts on the series: The truth is that I have a couple of more photos to share, but I will spread them out and post them sporadically. I am now moving to a new series, which I discussed here. I also plan to create a new tab on top for these “Retro Pictures,” where you (my audience) can view some of your favorites anytime you like. I would also like to thank the entire Jones family unit. My mom and dad did an awesome job of capturing these moments of my brother’s and my childhood. The credit truly goes to them if you have enjoyed any of these posts!

I had a retro picture raring to go last week, and then all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds and the weather turned unbelievably gorgeous here in middle Tennessee…thus no retro pic. But today I bring you two classic and classy photos from the Jones Family vacation to Washington D.C. At this point we were still living in Lincoln, Nebraska, and being the responsible people that my parents are, they knew the value of learning about places outside of our little town. Now the picture above is a pretty normal scene in front of the Washington Monument, except for the fact that I appear to be the perfect height for my father to use as a table. Also sweet to notice, the two brothers who decided to visit America’s greatest monuments in sweatpants. The bottom picture on the other hand, well I am not really sure words can explain exactly what it is I am doing. All I can remember was that the Cherry Blossom trees had bloomed, and I felt like the best picture would be me making those petals rain down on me. Good times, good times…