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I was first acquainted with Werner Herzog during my International Film Studies class while at UNA. My professor, Brooke Perry, introduced us to worlds of cinema that I never even knew existed, and he took us deep within the minds of the film makers that created these obscure worlds of vision. The most interesting, bar none, came when we began our study of all that film that came out of Germany, which is how I came to watch Herzog films. We studied his work for a couple of weeks, including his remake of Nosferatu, some of his short documentaries, and the astounding Fitzcarraldo. Anyway, long story short, I became a pretty big fan of his. If you have not seen any of his documentaries, such as Grizzly Man or Encounters at the End of the World, you really are missing out. His newest documentary is an exploration of the oldest paintings ever found, the cave paintings found in southern France. The film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams was shot entirely in 3D, and it is something that has to be experienced to fully enjoy. But it was simply amazing, from the story itself to the visuals throughout the entire documentary. If you get the chance, I would go see it if I were you.

Also of note, my picture from The Flaming Lips show at the Ryman Auditorium was picked for “photo of the day” over at USA Today. Click here to see it.

Now off to Bonnaroo.


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