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Well folks, it’s official. I am now 33 years-old.

My birthday weekend was a great one, spent with new and old friends in Austin, alongside my beautiful and sweet girlfriend. We did not go for a run, nor did I grade papers, instead we spent the long weekend doing the things we wanted to do.

Some of the events include:

  • Eating enough Tex-Mex to (almost) officially make me a Texas citizen.
  • Finishing up “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I enjoyed it.
  • Touring the Texas state capital. LBJ painting was AWESOME!
  • Listening to an old school (as in 1950’s) country band while chowing down on some ribs.
  • Hanging with my old buddy Steve Davis, and catching up on all things post-Knoxville.
  • Eating with my family at the CB Lounge (our name for Cracker Barrel) for my birthday dinner.
  • And finally, constantly stretching, because my back is somewhat on the brink. Although I am starting to think that it might have to do with my core turning into the same consistency of the banana pudding I keep eating.


Now I am back in Nashville, grading quizzes and essays…and still stretching.

I have always dreamed of this 33rd year of my life, or my Larry Bird year as I have come to think about it. Last year was the Karl Malone year (who played as #32 for the Utah Jazz…who I loathe!) I hope that this year is a good one. I hope that I move forward in all things, deepen friendships, keep in touch with old friends, connect with new people, stay in shape, laugh more often, teach my students well, and perhaps a few adventures and surprises as well.

I hope that I also remember to occasionally visit this blog and let everyone who reads it know what I have been up to.

Until the next time, hope everyone is well.


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